Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12th: Play Date with Gran & Willow Meets Jan

After I stopped working and long before we left for China, I have enjoyed a weekly "date" with my mom. Now that Willow is with us, Thursdays have become "Play Date with Gran".

This week, Willow sat in Gran's lap and shared her breakfast with her.

Then they played with blocks in a way I never would have imagined!

This week was extra special because after lunch, Gran's friend, Janet Blam, came over to meet Willow and they played with the Raggedy Ann doll that Gran bought for her because "..every little girl should have a Raggedy Ann doll!" (It is true isn't it? Don't you still remember yours?!)

These are special days for Gran, for Willow and for me. Gran gets to see the changes in Willow from week-to-week. Willow gets to do the things that only grandparents would let them get away with (and that their parents have to deal with when they get back home). And I get to watch their very own special relationship blossom and grow.

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Vakme said...

Hey Laura!
It's true that there is something wonderful about watching our child(ren) bond with their Gran. I often felt amazed, proud and a little jealous! How fun for you to watch it develop between Willow and Gran. The trick that took me years to get was to try not to get in the way! thanks for the posts and pics. See you soon! Love Val