Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 14th: Play Date with the Walshes

Cheryl and I met while I was working at Standard Register and what began as a business relationship grew into a friendship. When we first met, she was still single and Michael and I were just a couple. Over the years, we have shared the joys of Cheryl's marriage to Mike, the birth of their first child Lindsay, the ups-and-downs of our adoption and the pending birth of their second child (due in July) not to mention the myriad of daily life and work stuff.

Never one to miss out on a party (or to throw one herself), Cheryl suggested that they stopped by our house on their way to a birthday party in the area. They arrived bearing sub sandwiches for lunch and a busy box toy for Willow. (Lindsay was very generous to give this to Willow from her own toy supply.)

In return for Lindsay's generosity, Willow shared her baby doll and Bounce 'n Spin Zebra with her.

Then they both worked on one of Willow's puzzles together.

Willow had a wonderful time playing with Lindsay (and of course, we enjoyed seeing Cheryl and Mike). We all are looking forward to more play dates with the Walshes once the new baby arrives and things have settled down a bit.

P.S.-Baby Leah Walsh was born on Tuesday, July 29th. Congrats to the Walsh Family!

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