Sunday, June 8, 2008

May 17th: The Roth/Portée Reunion

Today we met up with the Roths for the first time since we left China. What a treat to see Stacy, Steve and Sabria again and to met Adyson, their 5-year old daughter! Willow and Sabria recognized each other immediately and were so happy to see each other!

We met at FAO Schwarz in Manhattan. After a quick hot dog, we browsed at all the cool toys that were really out of our price range! Since we left without any stuffed animals, we walked over to the Central Park Zoo to see some real, live ones.

Before we could begin the animal tour, we needed some real food; the hot dog just wasn't enough!
Willow was really in for a treat because she had her first taste of French Fries (thanks, Stacy) and naturally, wanted more.

With full bellies, we headed off to see the penguins who were also being fed as well as some of the other residents at the zoo.

Although most of the pictures show Michael with Willow, somehow I seem to identify with the picture of the Snow Monkeys and the Turtles.)
My favorite part? The Dueling Gulls!

Of course, no trip to the zoo would be complete without a stop in the gift shop where Mama makes Willow pose with the silly hat on! (I thought the hat was definitely her but Michael helped me to see the error of my ways; plus Willow kept pulling it off. I was lucky to get the picture!)

Ah, but it ends much too quickly and we must all be on our separate ways home.

So Willow takes the opportunity to dream about the day's fun and when we get to see the Roths again, next weekend!

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Stacy said...

Oh Laura, I love this update...especially the picture of me mid-chew...Gosh, I AM SO HOT!!!
I look forward to making many more Roth/Portee family memories!
Again, I knew the first night we met that we were "kindred spirits."
My love to Willow and Michael.