Sunday, June 8, 2008

May 19th: A Day with "Aunt" Lynn

Last year, Lynn and I celebrated the 25th Silver Anniversary of our friendship. During this time, I have had the pleasure of celebrating each of hers and Tom's (her husband) additions to their family: Sean, Elyse and Ryan.

This year, they joined us in celebrating our new addition.

"Aunt" Lynn came today for a play date with Willow bearing gifties and food and loads of fun! One of the gifties was a ring stacker which has become one of Willow's favorite toys. (It can keep her entertained long enough for me to empty the dishwasher or put on a load of laundry!) She just loves to see what kind of shape she can make out of the rings.

After the initial "getting to know you" period (and a wonderful lunch of ravioli, Caesar salad and a berry crumble), Willow was ready to join Lynn in some musical fun and was really intrigued when Lynn snapped her fingers!

It was the first time that Willow had seen this and before long was trying get her little fingers to make the same noise. (She is still practising.) Since she just could not get the hang of it, she decided to show off her much improved "standing alone" skills. Lynn was very impressed and they both had a good giggle over it.

As is the case with most great times, this one also ended much too quickly and Aunt Lynn had to be on her way home to her family.

But we had leftovers from lunch (which lasted us for 2 meals - Many Thanks, Lynn!) and great memories of today's play date with Aunt Lynn to share with Baba when he came home.

Lynn, Willow wants to know when the next play date is?! (I promise not to oversleep again and I'll supply lunch! XOXOXO)

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