Sunday, June 8, 2008

May 24th (con't): Willow Meets More of the Portée Clan

After a full night's sleep (at least for Willow and Michael), we are off to Long Island to celebrate Michael's cousin Kitty's grandson's 1st Communion. (Got that? It's okay; even the family often refers to scorecards.)

Traveling to Long Island on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we expected to hit traffic just about everywhere but amazingly enough, we just about flew through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Island! The only tie-ups were at the bridge tolls. (I know, I know...that is what we get for not having EZ Pass.)

We would have arrived at the church on time except for the fact that I misread the invitation; the service began at 1:00 pm not 1:30 as I thought. Fortunately, we were just in time to see Jonathan and his family take Communion together for the first time.

What proud parents and grandparents they were!

Meanwhile back at Kitty's, preparations were under way for the Post-Communion celebration. Never ones to miss out on a party, we headed over there to join the fun.

Willow was finally able to meet her Aunt Patty, Uncle Joe and cousins Sarah, Joey and Jake. (Unfortunately, cousin Carolyn was working and could not be there.)

Willow also got to see Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Howie and cousins Megan, Courtney and Delaney. (Here is where those score cards are particularly helpful.)

After lunch, Willow showed off her "walking to Baba" skills...

enjoyed some running practice with Aunt Kathleen...

Totally exhausted from the day's events, Willow takes a well-deserved nap so that she is ready and rarin' to go, for the day is not over yet! (We are stopping off at the Roth's on the way home!)

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