Sunday, June 8, 2008

May 21st: Medical Merry-Go-Round, Part 4

The infamous Early Intervention (EI) evaluation.

Actually, it was really quite interesting and informative. Willow was evaluated by a Physical Therapist and a Speech Pathologist. We were very involved in the evaluation, voicing our impressions, experiences and concerns of her development as well.

After working with her for about 1 to 1-1/2 hours, Willow's overall development was determined to be in the 12-15 month range. Here is how it breaks down:

Cognitive: 16-19 months
Communication - Receptive Language: 11 months
Communication - Expressive Language: 15 months
Social/Emotional: 10-15 months
Gross Motor Function: 12 months
Perceptual/Fine Motor: 12-15 months
Adaptive/Self-Help: 15 months

Since Willow demonstrated at least a 25% delay for at least two of the developmental areas, she qualifies for Early Intervention Services. In addition to recommending EI services to address the delays, it was also suggested that we consider a consultation with a Developmental Pediatrician (who knew they even existed?!) to monitor her overall development. Great, another doctor! It was also suggested that we put some of her "learning" toys away for the time being and have her concentrate on simple toys such as blocks, shape puzzles and stacking toys.

An Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting was scheduled for June 4th to go over a detailed therapy plan and the cost, naturally!

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