Sunday, June 8, 2008

May 24th (con't): Dinner with The Roths

On the way home from Jonathan's 1st Communion celebration, we stopped at the Roth's for dinner. (I'll bet you are thinking, "Again?! Didn't they just see them last week?!" It is amazing the ties that bind when you have spent the better part of two weeks sharing the emotional roller coaster that is adoption. People we have never met before, never even knew existed, became our "family" during the time spent in China. Such is the case with Stacy and Steve. Together we shared the myriad of emotions that comes with bringing our children home. Without their companionship and support, the stress and emotions would have been magnified a hundred-fold and nearly unbearable. So pardon us if we post about them almost as much as our family because to us, they are family! Not to mention a lot of fun too!)

Before dinner we spent some time in their backyard oasis; it was so relaxing we almost felt like we were on vacation! They have a wonderful play set and we could not resist giving Willow her first ride on a swing.

Chiropractic Appointment Alert!
Sorry, I didn't pay attention to how I held the camera.

Although Adyson and Sabria love being on the swing, we are not sure if Willow has taken to it just yet. She also had a maiden voyage on the slide but according to Michael, it was not very successful!

With the girls settled down to watch a Baby Einstein, we sat down to a fabulous meal. Steve marinated and grilled up some delicious steak and Stacy's choices of sides for the meal were terrific!

During dinner we swapped "adjustment period" stories. It is a relief and a comfort to know that others are facing some of the same challenges during this time such as sleep issues! Which as we prepared for the trip home, was front and center on our minds. We feared that if Willow slept on the way home, she would be up half the night thus dashing our hopes for a continued trend of sleeping through the night. With fingers crossed, we headed home.

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