Monday, June 9, 2008

June 8th: Willow Meets Uncle Paul & Aunt Jackie

A visit today from Willow's Uncle Paul & Aunt Jackie just about concludes her introduction to the immediate members of the Portée clan (with the exception of her cousin Carolyn who she hopes to meet real soon!)

A little shy at first, she soon warmed up to them and had some fun playing with her blocks with Aunt Jackie.

When block play was over, Willow and Aunt Jackie begin to play with their gift to her, a baby doll that came with her own bottle, changing pad and training potty! (Aunt Jackie was very impressed that Willow knew that the bottle went into the doll's mouth and not her own!)

Uncle Paul became Willow's new best friend when he snuck her some french fries while Mama's back was turned. (She's been a french fry addict ever since the Central Park Zoo. Thanks, Stacy!)

After dinner, Willow entertained us with her musical instruments puzzle; showing how well she can make each of the instruments play "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". (Notice how she looks to be sure everyone is applauding her efforts. Destined for the stage, I think!)

When it was time for Uncle Paul and Aunt Jackie to leave, Willow gave them a wonderful send-off with one of her emphatic and loud "Buh-byes" as they pulled out of the driveway. (This was later confirmed by our neighbor, Carleen, who said she could hear it all the way across the street!)

Willow really enjoyed her time with Uncle Paul and Aunt Jackie and cannot wait to see them again!

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