Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20th: Willow Meets Her Nǎinai (Grandma Portée)

Today Willow went to Nǎinai's (Grandma Portée's) house for dinner. Grandma was thrilled to finally meet Willow who was her ususal determined, serious self when meeting someone new. But when Grandma offered her some Cherrios, they were instantly the best of friends!

After Willow wolfed down the Cherrios, her dinner and dessert, Grandma remarked that she had a "very healthly appetite" which warms the heart of every self-respecting Italian grandmother.

Willow and Grandma enjoyed their first meeting and are looking forward to many, many meals (as well as other outings) together!

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Stacy said...'re back! And seeing these pictures made me realize just how much I miss little Willow, and I cannot wait to see you all on the 17th!
Hugs and Kisses to Willow, who is hopefully not weeping and is finally sleeping?
Brie has been sleeping much better, and alone...THANK GOD!
Michael looks like his mom, same olive coloring and dark eyes.
See you all in two weeks...more pictures please!