Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Willow Update! 4/7/08

Look Mom! I Can Feed Myself!
(Note: Today's videos will not require a post-viewing chiropractic session.)

Testing a Pair of Squeaky Shoes
(Never thought I would agree to getting these but they do encourage her to walk.)

The Newest NJLHS Member!

Lunchtime Laughs & Giggles!
(Sorry about the food in her mouth. We are working on table manners.

Music Lessons

"Red Couch" Photo Session
Where the children are photographed in traditional Chinese dress
As well as with their parents
(For those who requested more pictures with Mom or us as a family, here you go!
We are still working on having this happen more often but Mom is real camera shy.)
All Nine Families & Their Newest Additions


Donna said...

I am sooo happy for you both. Watching your little Willow and looking at all the photos brought tears to my eyes. I love the squeeky shoes. Of course, YOU might not love them so much after the novelty wears off!! :) Treasure every moment - but then, I don't have to tell you that, do I?

Donna said...

Hi Mama and Papa ....thank you for sharing all the joy...I keep going back and looking at the pictures, over and over again and every time they bring a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my heart.Willow take good care of your parents and enjoy your adventure.

Hi Laura (Mama)...thank you so much for the updates....what a grandson is three and still eats with his hands...your Willow is doing an outstanding job of feeding herself...I'm look wonderful...always remember the beautiful person you proud...Willow will be very proud of her her the way.

Many Hugs,
Donna W

Anonymous said...

Laura - awesome videos and photos!!!!

You can hear the joy in your voices and giggles, as well as Willow's!!!

I am so happy for you all!!!!


Maja89 said...

I am very happy your dreams come true! You are such a beautiful family! Kiss Willow for me!
Love, Maja Gasparovic (The Emmelhainz's exchange student)

Stu and Ruth said...

Mike and Laura,

Willow is absolutely beautiful. The pictures of you with her are great, and really worth the wait. You look like naturals at parenting, and even having fun at it. We know you will treasure every moment. Even when Dad has to work late. Enjoy your trip, it is a once in a lifetime experience

Stacy said...

Laura, Michael and Willow,
Finally catching our breath and wanted to drop a small note to say that it was an honor and a pleasure sharing this experience with you. "My kindred spirit," I miss you all already and look forward to years of shared experiences and many, many visits from you and from us and meeting in the middle...Let us know when you have a lighthouse to visit on LI, we will host!
Call us if you get a chance!
Love and Hugs,