Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 17th: Willow Meets Her Wáipò (Gran Marshall)

Today Willow finally met her wáipò, Gran Marshall. She was shy at first using her determined, serious look as a shield. Gran had a Raggedy Ann doll waiting for her as well as some great books and gradually, Willow warmed up to Gran. At one point, Willow reached up her tiny little hands indicating that she wanted Gran to pick her up and before long, Gran was helping her walk aroung the apartment!

Gran was so glad to finally be able to hold Willow in her arms and hug her after such a long wait.

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Stacy said...

OMG my first doll was a Raggedy Ann when I was adopted...
Hopefully Willow won't attempt to beat any dogs with it like I did with mine!
P.S. Imitate away! That's how i got my blog going!