Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 18th-April 19th: Another Near All-Nighter

And we thought jet lag was bad!

Last night Willow decided that she wanted to party all night and was not happy that we did not want to join in. We put her to bed at about 9:30 pm; she was up again at 11:00 pm and refused to go back to sleep!

Since we've been back, we have tried to have her sleep in her crib but that was a lot to ask since she was used to sleeping with me after she climbed out of her crib in Nanjing. The first couple of nights, she would start crying as we came to the doorway of her room! The day before yesterday, we began putting her into the crib. She would sleep there for the first two hours (after a fuss, of course) then she would be up again, crying, so we would bring her back into bed with us. Well, last night nothing worked. Every time we made a move toward the crib or even our bed, she would start wailing all over again. Poor Michael had to go to work on Saturday and at 3:00 am decided to just go into the office since she would not let him get any sleep. Meanwhile, I was on duty and did everything possible to get her to sleep. Unfortunately, nothing worked; not even a bath (which was the last thing I expected to be doing at 2:30 am!) Talk about being helpless and frustrated. By 3:30 am, I was crying with her! She finally wore herself out at 4:00 am and fell asleep. A half hour later, I joined her in our bed.

I am almost afraid of what we will encounter tonight. I am sure that we will have this experience again but I hope that it doesn't happen for a long, long time!!!


Stacy said...

Poor Mama and Baba...and Willow. Sleep has been a serious issue in our corner of the world also...what is it with these poor kids and sleeping? They simply hate it - Great, just frickin' great!
Well, we have every night until they go away to college to figure it out, that is unless Willow goes to Rutgers!
Keep on truckin'

Stacy said...

Um need to update...I miss seeing Willow's little pressure!
XOXO Stacy

Stacy said... your call...where is The Geek Squad already. I'm becoming a little "stalkerish" don't you think? When the computer people come and finally get you up and running...Please post tons of pictures!
Hope Miss Willow is doing a little better with the sleeping!