Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 30th: One Month Already?!

One Month Already?! Wow!

When I think back to how Willow was the day we first got her and how she is today, it is hard to believe that they are really the same person. She had come so far and grown in so many ways.

It is taking less and less time for her to open up to the new people to which we introduce her. She crawls up a storm and loves chasing after our cats. (Of course they are none to pleased about this new development!) She is really beginning to master the use of a spoon although she still is not sure which hand she prefers to use.

She is nearly walking on her own and heaven help us when she is! When her Aunt Kathleen was walking with her, Willow really began to build up speed! I wish I had gotten that on video! But I did get her on video riding her Bounce 'n Spin Zebra for the first time! Willow just loves to shout her version of "Yahoo!" whenever it comes up. She is also beginning to repeat some words such as "hi", "bye-bye", "good girl" and is real close to singing "E-I-E-I-O".

Willow smiles and laughs much more frequently and easily. She loves being silly and playing tricks on us. She is really good at doing her "fish face"; it would have made her grandfather so proud! She is also beginning to respond to "peek-a-boo". And It seems she is also trying some play-acting! While changing her diaper, she wanted something to hold onto so I gave her the Huggies wipes container. She held it up to her ear as if talking on the phone, nodding her head and grunting something like "Uh-huh". After a couple of seconds of silence, she let out a belly-laugh as if in response to what the caller had said! I just had to laugh with her. (Missed that one on video too. Sorry, but my hands were full.)

It is amazing just how far she has progressed in such a short period of time. Of course we still have our challenges, primarily with sleeping; she still fights it and does whatever she can to keep herself awake. We cannot leave the room until she is asleep or else she has a major crying fit. The same is true if we walk out of a room that she is in. Obviously she does not like to be alone (or else she isn't used to it and is afraid.) The net result: sleep deprivation and a house with many chores left undone.

It is at these times though bleary-eyed and looking at a house which is a near total wreck that we have to remind ourselves that is has been only one month since we became a family of three and only 15 days since we have been home. Hard to believe since even after this short period of time, we cannot imagine life without her in it.

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Stacy said...

I can't wait to see you all in person! This update just makes me want to squeeze her - and bite her cheeks...just a little. Nice riding cowgirl! Now, ask Baba for a pony, and you can ride all day.
Love you all and miss you terrible!