Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 9th: Medical Merry-Go-Round, Part 2

"Weeping Willow" visited us again and I cannot say that I blame her.

The return visit to Dr. Tang's office brought back bad memories and consequently, the tears, screams and screeches. The good news, however, was that the TB test results were negative!

Off to the lab for the blood work...
Here's a shocker - it isn't just blood work. We are going to have the fun task of collecting 4 stool samples and 1 urine sample! To complete all of the tests that Dr. Tang requested, they needed to collect 7 vials of blood. (Does her tiny body even hold that much?) Needless to say, Willow was very unhappy about this. They did manage to get 3 vials but they will need to draw blood to fill the remaining 4 vials when we return with the stool and urine samples.

Now there is a day that I am looking forward to! (Be sure not to miss the note of sarcasm; sometime it does not project properly when written.)

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Stacy said...

Oh Mama,
Welcome to the wondeful world of maternal shit, piss and blood...enjoy your stay and try to take deep breaths before scooping her poop out of the diaper with the small weird spoon provided in the sample kit.
Tomorrow is your first Mother's Day my friend, and I wish you a great one -full of kisses, smiles and appreciative hugs from Michael and your amazing new daughter.
Can't wait to see you next weekend!
XOXO Stacy